We are often asked 4 questions:

1- Did you take all the photos? Answer yes, with the exception of some of the two of us at walk with the lions. These photos were taken by the guides.

2- Are any of the photos shot in Zoos? Answer, No some of the photos of more exotic animals such as the snow leopard were taken in controlled shoots. The vast majority were taken in the wild. We note all photos taken in controlled shoots at the start of a folder.

3- Were you scared? Answer No

4- Why not? Not to bright I guess.

Please note that some of the photos in the bear, lion, leopard, Cheetah and wolf folders are graphic. If this type of predation offends, please do not view these folders.

we have added the photos from our latest August/sept. 2016 to the African folders. This was our 13th trip, and are already planning number 14. Please note that I've started adding some video at the start of folders, let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy. In the wild dog folder we were very fortunate in the images that we were were able to take. In Kruger we got to spend over 5 hours with these animals (March 2012) and took over 2400 photos. This latest trip affored us the opportunity to photograph two dogs chasing a male leopard up a tree. To compliment the dog photos, on our 11th trip we were able to get some photos of a Serval (FINALLY), check the folder may not be the best, but we got some. In the lion, leopard and cheetah folders there have been significant additions. In addition to the Serval We've added a folder for an Oryx fight that we witnessed. This fight was very graphic, so beware. Enjoy

We're often asked who we would recommend or where we stay on trips. So, at the end of this description is a list of those people/organizatons/places that we would recommend. Please remember these are only our opinions - others may have dramatically different views.

If you would like to know more about any photos, please feel free to ask. E-mail

If you're thinking about a trip to Africa, we recommend that you start with a visit to Africa Guide. This site provides a complete and comprehensive guide to every country in Africa with essential travel information 100's of tours and safaris, hotel and car hire throughout the continent.

Another good source if you're thinking about southern Africa is This site is especially strong for photography.

If you're interested in visiting one of our favorite places "Namibia" a good place to start is This web site will provide you with a wealth of information. As aways if you have specific questions, ask us.

Once you've decided that Namibia is a place you want to visit. Then we recommend that you visit Kathryn is a certified guide with extensive experience in this area. The vehicles used are designed for photography with a roof that lifts up (sort of neat) She also will assist with self drive recommendations and reservations. Give her site a look.

If you're looking for personalized escorted tour of Kruger or anywhere else in South Africa, we enthusiastically recommend Boma Tours. With George you can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises He has the knack of being in the right place at the right time for photo opportunities. We've traveled with Boma 3 times. Take the safari vehicle option for better photography. It lacks air conditioning but has much better visability.

If you're self driving and thinking about visiting Chobe National Park, we would not recommend it. The roads within the park are very, very bad. You can see more in Etosha or Kruger without the hassle. There is though, an impressive amount of elephants. We also thought that the park fees were a little high. The only good thing is it puts you close to Victoria Falls.

If you're in Namibia and looking for a car rental, it would be hard to beat Okavango Car Hire. They provide a well-maintained, superior vehicle with multiple fuel tanks and spare tires You may find cheaper vehicles, but with the long distances between towns, you need a reliable vehicle. You can also rent camping gear, if that is what you require.